Alicia Elliott, DIRECTOR

Alicia Elliott is a Family Law Specialist, accredited by the Law Society of New South Wales. She practises exclusively in family law and provides clear guidance and advice on all aspects of family law, including divorce, property matters, parenting issues, child support, spouse maintenance and de facto relationships.

Alicia is a lawyer dual qualified in Australia and England & Wales. Alicia has completed her Masters of Law, specialising in Family Law.

Alicia has successfully represented clients in all areas of family law. She has acted in complex financial cases, including high net worth matters, valuation disputes and those relating to family companies and trusts.

Alicia is empathetic towards her clients, while providing focused guidance and advice. She strives to minimise the emotional distress caused to her clients, as well as providing them with the support and resources to navigate through a difficult family breakdown.

Alicia also provides advice on a volunteer basis for Women's Legal Service.

Alicia Elliott is a specialist family law and divorce lawyer at KD Holmes Solicitors in Sydney
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