Duncan Holmes, Director

Duncan Holmes is one of Sydney's senior and most experienced family law practitioners. He is one of the first lawyers appointed as an Accredited Specialist in Family Law in New South Wales, and his experience of over 35 years in the law enables him to provide comprehensive advice and assistance to his clients.

In 1993 Duncan was appointed a member (as the Law Society's Nominee) of the Legal Aid Review Committee in Family Law, pursuant to the Legal Aid Commission Act 1979 (NSW), and served on that committee until 2010. He also acts as a Court Appointed Independent Children’s Lawyer for children in difficult and complex parenting cases, and has done so continuously for over 23 years. 

Duncan’s expertise in family law is widely recognised and respected. He gives expert evidence in family law related cases, is a speaker at legal education seminars and has a breadth of practice that sets his practice apart.

One of Sydney's senior lawyers in family law, divorce and parenting matters, Duncan Holmes
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Duncan is also an author of texts for law students. He has written two books in the Lexis Nexis Students Companion Series – one being Family Law, which is now in it’s 6th edition, and the other being Torts, which is now in it’s 8th edition.

Together with Jason and Laura, Duncan founded KD Holmes Solicitors in 2012.