Laura Donnelly, Director

Laura Donnelly is an Accredited Specialist in Family Law. She has practised almost exclusively in the areas of family and children’s law since her admission.

Laura is approved by the Attorney General’s Department as a Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner and has been acting as a mediator in family law disputes since 2011.

Laura's qualifications include a Bachelor of Communications and Bachelor of Laws. She commenced practise with the Legal Aid Commission in the ACT before joining Duncan in 2008 in private practice at Slade Manwaring Solicitors, the predecessor firm of KD Holmes Solicitors. 

Laura’s initial experience at Legal Aid has led her to develop a practice and reputation for dealing with the most complex of parenting disputes.

She also has extensive experience in financial matters, including resolving those for high-net-worth clients.

Laura provides advice on a volunteer basis for Women's Legal Service.

Together with Duncan and Jason, Laura founded KD Holmes Solicitors in January 2012.

Laura Donnelly is a family law and divorce lawyer who deals with complex parenting disputes
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